tirsdag 7. september 2010

JavaZone 2010 - introduction day #1

Welcome welcome, small and big to the event of the year! Forget about christmas, birthdays, midsummers eve and your grandfathers 80th aniversary; this is the one that counts.

About 2000 people are now on their way to Oslo Spectrum. There will be music, coding, bullshit and sessions. Over the years javaZone had numerous crazy stage shows performed by some insane people; Pain solution, Cirkus cirkör, Rammsund etc. It's always some cool show. I'll post some pictures after we're done.
(note: this year they haven't invited insane people, but rather asked companies to form garage bands, and they will be the entertainment. I'm skeptic, but I will keep an open mind.)

JavaZone first released a trailer to this years event. Someone ripped it and put it on youtube, and must have been viewed by more than 1 million ppl. Here's a link;

Java-4-ever trailer

then they followed it by a music video

Lady Java music video

Pretty professional! I think the split between ".net and java"-part is funny, even though I think the community is past this "conflict" by now.

I've planned to attend the following sessions the first day:

  • Seven cost-efficient ways to reduce your project overruns (or maybe I will try "Emergent design", all depends how full the room will get)
  • JRuby: Now With More J!
  • How we blew our shot at beating Spotify, spending two metric truckloads of cash doing it
  • Flying with Griffon
  • How to Defend Against the OWASP Top Ten Web Security Threats
  • 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Check out the agenda for more info. I probably won't be able to attend all of this, since I have other stuff to do here at the conference.

After the sessions there is club zone, and I'll try to cover that (we'll see if I bother).

In addition to being an attendant at the conference I'm also part of the crew organizing the event.
You can come and talk to me at the javaBin stand from 14:10-15:40 (on wednesday).

Well that's enough intro, I guess; Let the sessions begin!

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